25 September 2007

The Swivel Song (Part 1 of 2)

The Swivel Song was a happy find. Nestled close to the bin, but thankfully not actually in it, I was delighted to find a folded piece of A4 containing the actual lyrics to the Swivel Song, plus this delightful cover.

The two figures, one of whom is clearly performing the Swivel Song in an entirely unacceptable fashion, are labelled with a tick and a cross so we are left in no uncertainty as to the correct stance.

The writing, if you're wondering, says 'Dont do it like him the gay way dude'. I'm betting the little chap wouldn't have written that if he'd realised it would cause three weeks of intensive assemblies on tolerance and plenty of Literacy work on the correct use of apostrophes in the word don't.

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