18 June 2008

Buster: Requiem In Pace

This one's almost heartwarming, assuming your heart isn't simply a chunk of inky-black anthracite like mine. Mind you, I know that this note was merely the nicer part of a pair. Part two is unlikely to see the light of day; since it comprised an unpleasant picture and a death threat I felt it best to pass it on to the head. Shame, really, as some really foul language would have cheered the place up no end. I like the big red heart at the end of this one. Dog love. Ahem...

17 June 2008

The Tribulations Of Tudor Children

Poor Tudor children. Nothing to look forward to but a quick spin around the block on your bike, perhaps nipping down to the skateboard park to hang out with your mates, all followed by an unexpected hanging for not putting your bike away in the shed afterward.

4 June 2008

When Friendships Collapse

Oh dear... poor P. You see, just as we reached the end of the day his mate (the mysterious A) somehow managed to annoy poor, hard done to P. Since they'd been given fifteen minutes of free time, P chose to use it to draw this marvellous epic.

Notice, here, the evil and malevolent A, fully equipped with massive weapon, cruelly sneaking up on the small but sturdy P. I wonder what's going to happen...

Fear not! P has happily vanquished the evil A, who flies into the air, covered in rather artistic zig-zags of blood. The blood took quite a while; I was watching with interest.

It was only upon noticing the back page that I thought perhaps I should intervene. A tad too slow, perhaps, as industrious work had begun to erase its contents forever. Thankfully, it's all still entirely readable, including the little illustrative picture.

A rare find, indeed...