13 September 2008

The Pencil Sharpener Of Terror

This isn't traditional Broken Chalk fare: more of that soon. It's just something I found whilst trawling browsing BoingBoing and, after staring blankly in disbelief, thought it'd be nice to post here.

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Basically, a ten year old, with that curious logic beloved of ten year olds, has broken his pencil sharpener but decided to keep the blade part in order to sharpen his pencil. Upon being caught sharpening away with this admittedly dangerous bit of kit, he readily admits to it and explains his intent. The teacher, who is presumably insane, decides not to say 'Well, that's rather dangerous actually - think what you could have done to your fingers if it slipped. I think I'll keep this, and I'm sure that we have a proper pencil sharpener somewhere that you could use.' and instead sets off a massively spiralling set of procedures. Principal, police, suspension, permanent record. Oh, and plenty of tears. If you're an educator and you've not upset and permanently tarred an innocent (if rather naïve) child today, you're doing something wrong...

Remember kids: zero tolerance means zero common sense!

Original story here.

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  1. For the record, a similar kind of incident in Australia (although the sharpener broke while I was using it on a greylead pencil in the library, using it to draw a picture of an Anglo Saxon short sword from a book) resulted in me being expelled from school during VCE.. I am now a labourer, as no University would accept me for my lifelong dream of being an Archaeoogical/Linguistic anthropologist.... which the vice principal had been aware of for 5 years now.
    And no, I didn't threaten anyone, I had a 'dangerous weapon' on the table. They were worried about my 'obsession with blades', which was in fact more to do with the transition from iron to low carbon steel.
    Just shows that some teachers seriously couldn't give a flying fuck about their students, and yes, are obviously insane.

    I remain anon for obvious reasons.