6 October 2008

The Joy Of SATs Part II

Kids! When you get a job and the boss asks you to do something tricky, don't forget the easy way to get out of it. Altogether now: 'Havent leant it!!'

I particularly like the vaguely random '1' next to the words 'One has been done for you'. It exudes a quiet desperation.

4 October 2008

X-Rated Hamster Edition

The original: 'At school we kept a pet hamster. unfortunately the haster ecscaped because teatcher lefted the door open from feeding him. luckly he got suck between a rab hole we [...] unfortunnately the haster fell of and hette his his leg luckly it was only a little cunt because he had a big taloty show today.'

Translation: 'At school, we kept a pet hamster. Unfortunately, the hamster escaped because the teacher left the door open after feeding him. Luckily (quite why, I'm not sure) he got stuck in a rabbit hole, (and then obviously climbed on something, again, for unclear reasons). The hamster fell off and hurt his leg. Luckily, it was only a little cut, because he had a big talent show that day.'

Year Five, in case you're wondering. Despair... I has it.