24 December 2008

The Spirit Of Christmas

Just breaking off from my mince pies and mulled wine to bring you this important Christmas message. May Santa, bless his heart, always be with you...

14 December 2008

Festive Fun

It's getting near to the end of term, and it's around this time that the presents start rolling in. Yes, Christmas is the only time of year that it's good to have a class of thirty children; the more the merrier when it comes to pressies!

Sadly, despite hand-picking stories and illustrative maths exercises which show how most teachers simply adore fizzy wines and hand-made Belgian chocolates, the children will insist on crocheting toilet roll covers, gluing empty kitchen roll tubes together to make pencil holders or covering perfectly usable paper in glitter, rendering it of no use to man nor beast.

Oh, who am I kidding... I've got drawers full of tack that I can't bear to throw away. I'm a sentimental softie at heart.

(Um, I don't need to point out that the other side of this is brightly coloured, festive, and does not look like me in any way, shape or form at all in the slightest not even a little bit no it doesn't not listening la la la la la...)