25 July 2009

It's a bone club, really it is!

You know that bit in The BFGwhere Roald Dahldescribes those nasty flesh eating giants? You know how they tend to be surrounded by lots of old human bones, and one or two of them are actually armed with the odd leftover femur? Well, this is what happens when you try to draw such a scene without any forward planning.

The Cerne Abbas Giant would be quite jealous, I do believe.

22 July 2009

Your Genial Host

Yes, this is me. It's quite accurate, actually, down to the mysterious
owl-like feather patterns on my torso, and the crowfoot-like spiky
hands. And if that's the sun up in the top-left, I'm not sure what's
going on in the top-right. Notice, too, that I'm smiling. See - I am
clearly perceived to be nice really. At times.