30 October 2009

Guest Post: The Slightly-Psychotic Jonathan Taylor-Thomas Fan Club Diary

Is it real or is it made up? Who can say. I forget where I came across
this; it was just a general google image search for diaries some time

"Dear Diray, I like lots of guys but Jonathan Taylor Thomas is the
cutetest. First of all I don't like J.T.T. cause he's a movie star.
There are lots other guys in my class who like me, and there are lots
of people I wish I coulb kill, but I'm not."

A slightly disturbing initial entry, there. I like to imagine the
writer in an Annie-from-Misery-like state of depression by the time we
get to the 19th of November:

"Dear Diray, Today is not so good. I haven't done much. The only
thing that will cheer me up is to meet Jonathan Taylor Thomas. His
birthday is september 8."

Let's see... 1995. By my reckoning, young JTT had finished the voice
of Simba in the Lion King and was on to high profile movie star roles
like Tom Sawyer or that kid out of Ally McBeal. You can understand the
endless attraction...

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