3 October 2009

The Sandwich Of Inappropriacy (Which Will Undoubtedly Leave A Bad Taste In Anyone's Mouth)

This one's from 2007 and the god-forsaken hunk of mauled cheap white actually had tuna wedged inbetween its dry and curling flaps.

Look - I can explain this. She's trying to spell 'tuna' with a 'ch' sound at the start, but can't spell 'ch', which is why it comes out as 'coon'. Say 'ch' instead of 'c' and 'nuh' instead of 'n', and you get ch-oo-nuh, which spells tuna. With that in mind, you might well be heartened to know that we finally had her dyslexia properly diagnosed only a few years later.

Yes, years. Unless you work in education, you may well be surprised how long it takes for some of these kids to get the help they need, despite the best efforts of their educators.

Apologies; I've accidentally gone all serious. Let's all giggle at the word 'cuntas' instead. Heh... it starts with... 'c'. Oh, and 'unt', too.


  1. I read "cuntas" as contains, rather than tuna.

  2. @Anonymous, I think you're right, it makes much more sense because even if "cuntas" did mean "tuna", the sentence still wouldn't make any sense at all..