16 February 2010

You're A Dude!

Ironically, unless that 'Dude Looks Like A Lady' thing was more influential than I first anticipated, this was directed at a female classroom assistant, whom (up to now, at least) has shown no signs of being a dude at all. Well, apart from a small grey moustache, but that happens naturally once you've passed the menopause and the testosterone starts to outnumber the oestrogen. Apparently.

Oh, and what is that bloody 'S' thing they keep drawing everywhere? I'm worried there's some weird religious cult amongst the Key Stage 1 children that's spilling upwards.

6 February 2010

Bedroom Obscenity

The school's email filtering system very kindly sends me any attempts which didn't make it past the system. It's probably a good job this one found its way to me, rather than to its intended recipient, a rather quiet young girl who might well have found the whole thing a little disturbing.