16 February 2010

You're A Dude!

Ironically, unless that 'Dude Looks Like A Lady' thing was more influential than I first anticipated, this was directed at a female classroom assistant, whom (up to now, at least) has shown no signs of being a dude at all. Well, apart from a small grey moustache, but that happens naturally once you've passed the menopause and the testosterone starts to outnumber the oestrogen. Apparently.

Oh, and what is that bloody 'S' thing they keep drawing everywhere? I'm worried there's some weird religious cult amongst the Key Stage 1 children that's spilling upwards.

1 comment:

  1. I remember drawing that in elementary school (which was during the 90's). It was usually the "cool" kids who drew it. I do remember someone telling me it was the Stussy "S".

    Apparently it's some sort of worldwide thing:

    "The S Thing" is a worldwide phenomenon mainly drawn on notebooks by kids in the early 90's, but can still be seen around schools today. No one really knows what it is or where it originated although its said to have been seen dating back before the 80's. Some say its attached to the clothing brand "Stussy" but there is no real proof that we can find of it ever being used by them. (via http://thesthing.com)