25 May 2010

Hitler Day Part 2: The Arguably More Appropriate Rendition

You may remember Hitler's Giant Ears, all part of some bizarre concoction known as 'Hitler Day', in which the aforementioned ranty F├╝hrer was vilified for his murderous foreign policy through the application of massive, pencil-rendered ears.

I meant to post this part, the flip-side of the page, but somehow forgot. It's quite nice if you see it as political commentary; perhaps, one day, the responsible Chalkette could be appearing next to your breakfast in a reputable broadsheet. Or, more likely, the Little Humplington Free Press, circulation 3, including editor and family...

The duck feet trouble me...

24 May 2010


I have to confess that the second one is an absolutely perfect rendition of me. Old age, and baldness, come to us all. Well, not technically all of us, but quite a lot. Particularly teachers.

The first drawing I'm still wrestling with. I don't think it's me, although I wonder if perhaps it's a metaphor for those shouty days when I am become death, destroyer of worlds.

21 May 2010

Surreal Spellings: The Museum Of Wood

The task: show you understand the meaning of your weekly spellings by writing a sentence that correctly uses the word.
The results: Unpredictable.

15 May 2010

Misery Haiku: Upset

The task: produce a
verse with a precise structure.
The result: sadness.

13 May 2010

Further Prototype Devices Discovered

I'm getting the impression that someone really, really wants mum or dad to splash out on a bit of Apple kit for them. Lo and behold - the iPhone!

I checked - there's actually an old mobile phone in there, completely taped up and with a printed out iPod touch screen on the top. I'd buy the poor kid an iPod if (a) they weren't so expensive and (b) I wasn't the proud possessor of a heart of stone.

The back isn't quite as impressive as on the iPad, and it's a bit more masking tape based rather than the stylish sellotape option. Quite desirable, I'm sure you'd agree.

12 May 2010

Apple's Next-Gen iPad Design Revealed

I found this in the classroom at break. It's not quite the same as the leaked iPhone model, and it would appear Apple have gone for a mainly-held-together-with-sellotape feel. However, as 9to5 Mac noted, there are indeed no screws on the bottom...

The Notepad app seems to have been updated with a simple blue-lined schoolpaper design, and is complemented by a new style home button.

Obviously, wi-fi reception is of great importance, although some may say the new aluminium back feels a little cheaper than the current unibody design.

Looks like the logo has been refreshed, as well. It's challenging designs like these which keep Apple at the forefront of consumer electronics. Let's hope the engineer who lost it doesn't fare too badly!