31 March 2010

Please Let Her Play

You'd think we tortured them or something, the way these parents clamour to the aid of their poor, endangered offspring.

The crossing out of 'please let her play today' was done by the child before presenting me with the note. I never worked out why.

27 March 2010

Misery Haiku: A Sad, Sad World

"Now children, take a
look around you and try hard
not to cry too much."

"Miss S, I cannot
finish my work without some

22 March 2010


I removed this from a Year Six, who was busy discussing the new arrival who'd been shown round that morning. It would appear he knew her from a previous school, but sadly had to dump (or, indeed, 'dupe') her due to the cruelties of parentally-forced relocation. You can't stop true love!

But wait: turn it over and...

How sweet.

16 March 2010

Another Successful Lesson

I'm tempted to include this in my APP folder, just for the sheer devilment of it. No comma, barely a capital letter, and is that some sort of new extended question mark?


Today's top tip: If you're writing a death threat, why not get someone else to do the writing for you, or at least make the effort to cut out a variety of letters from a discarded Daily Mirror. Oh, and don't sign your name.

Even better, don't get caught doing it.

10 March 2010

Guest Post: Making A Treasure Map

Well, this is a bit of an exciting turn-up for Broken Chalk. Finally, evidence that it's not just me who has the odd peculiarity in class - yes, it's a guest submission!

This is from... well, let's just call her Mrs S (because we wouldn't want to get investigated by the GTC for openly mocking children, would we?), who says 'This is from a Year 3 test on making Treasure Maps. I'm hoping the child meant to write "pencils". Really hoping.'