29 June 2010

Death's Too Good For Them

I must say, I didn't realise the American and African schools were quite so liberal with their uniform requirements.

19 June 2010

Surreal Spellings: Sister Throwing

The task: show you understand the meaning of your weekly spellings by writing a sentence that correctly uses the word.
The results: Unpredictable.

9 June 2010


A guest submission, which "is from one of last year's students, who clearly feels I can't go on without my student teacher or previous class.  Please note my beard/smile."

5 June 2010

It's Educator Adoration Week

Obviously, when I say 'It's educator adoration week', what I mean is that it'll probably take me at least five weeks to post the two items I have.

This is a guest post - thank you for your submission!

The modesty here is astounding, but the sheer gratitude and emotion behind it all makes me long for the days when Shania-La-Tewkesbury Mustard hadn't grown up and had kids of her own with equally daft names and was, therefore, prime material for being shouted at herself. Sorry - bizarre personal moment there...

Um... skip to the end.



3 June 2010

Best Teacher

This isn't actually funny. I just wanted you to know.

What? No... why would I want you to know it's not funny? I wanted you to know I was BEST teacher! Okay?

Well, alright: I wanted to set up the next post, too. Sometimes I get submissions and I just can't wait...